The Guitarist

“Magnificent … simply magnificent! Greek guitarist Antonis Hatzinikolaou has excelled himself with this...His technical dexterity is beyond question and his musicianship shows a maturity far in excess of his years… this is playing of the highest standard (containing some of the best performance of Bach this reviewer has heard) and easily stands alongside the best of them…” CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

Born in Greece in 1980, Antonis Hatzinikolaou is considered today as one of the most distinguished guitarists of the younger generation. He has received distinctions in numerous international guitar competitions including the Hubert Käppel Competition, the Ivor Mairants Award and the prestigious Julian Bream Prize, adjudicated by the maestro himself.

The Luthier

"I strive to create a guitar that would please all my senses before anyone else’s. I am trying to give birth to my ideal musical sound and I hope that I will live long enough to achieve it."

Apart from his music making , performing and teaching, Antonis  have spend a number of years developing his skills in making fine classical guitars. He has been fortunate to learn the craft next the Greek Master guitar maker Nicholas Ioannou (New York) and George Pandelias (Athens). Antonis Hatzinikolaou's work has been inspired by the Hauser - Bouchet tradition and influenced by a number of great luthiers of our time.